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Gary E Sallee

February 6, 1940 ~ June 10, 2018 (age 78)
    Gary Sallee was born on February 6 of 1940 in Bozeman, Montana to Eldon Sallee and Fern Bergen. Early on in Gary’s life his parents along with his younger brother Darrell Sallee moved to Edmonds Washington. Gary spent the better half of his childhood roaming the towns of Edmonds and Everett, fishing on the Docks, and living around the sea life. Gary always enjoyed the water and everything that encompassed the sea. Gary had a liking for any type of wild life; not only did he like to hunt and fish and harvest wild game he also loved raising fish, pheasant, squirrels and chickens. As life progressed Gary found that he had a talent for sports; football seemed to be the sport that he excelled at the most.  After High school Gary joined the military and became an Army Ranger and played football for the Army as well. While in the military Gary met his first wife Sandy and had 3 kids Jeff, Rory, and Stacey. Gary was married to Sandy for a short number of years. After the military Gary worked in construction through out the Seattle area working on anything from single story structures to high rise buildings. Gary also continued his football career playing for the Seattle Rangers, and somewhere in the busy life he found time to get qualified in flying single engine aircraft. 

While working in construction he met Rosa Quintero and In 1976 Gary and Rosa married and had their son Garrett in 1978. After spending many years working different jobs in construction and tying up his football career Gary joined the Snohomish County Sherriffs Office. After spending the next few years working  as a Sheriff he was hired on at Hanford patrol; this was around 1985. Working on the SWAT team at Hanford Patrol was the highlight of Gary’s life. He loved using the weaponry and repelling upside down from buildings and apprehending the “bad guys"; he was fond of his Co-workers and the fact that he was working and doing what few could do. Gary worked there till 1996 and retired to his Lakeside house in Montana. While in Montana Gary spent his days doing what he enjoyed. Gary would often go shooting to relive some of his days on the SWAT team or even relive days out fighting crime in the streets of Snohomish County. He also enjoyed roaming garage sales, and collecting different items that were important to him and would potentially gain value. Gary always had a love for guns as well; he loved trading, buying and selling guns it was a long time hobby.  Gary also loved to fish and be out in the wildlife when the pains of life weren’t getting him down. 

As he aged and couldn’t find himself roaming the outdoors, he would spend time in his garage painting things that he acquired at yard sales; it seemed to make him happy when he couldn’t be enjoying the out doors. Gary’s is survived by his wife Rosa and his kids Rory, Jeff, Stacy and Garrett. Grandchildren; Trevor, Mikayla, Shaly, Maddi (Garrett and Brandi), Aubrey, Jenna (Rory and Patty), Sofia and Jack (Stacey and Erik). Rosa is a devoted wife and spent all of her time by his side supporting all of his ventures and investments until the good lord decided he needed to come home on June 10 of 2018.  
There will be a visitation held for Gary 9:30-11:00 AM Saturday June 16, 2018 at Canvas Church with services to follow visitation at 11 AM. Burial will follow services at C.E. Conrad Memorial Cemetery. Johnson-Gloschat Funeral Home and Crematory is caring for the family.
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